Updates for 3/2

Milpitas Announcements 

1. Youth life group this Sunday! 11:15-1:00pm. We are starting a new series in “apologetics”…come learn about how to share your faith, defend your faith, and strengthen your faith. 

2. Mentor Lunch will resume this month. We will send out reminders and for those of you without a mentor we will pair you with one. 

3. Intergen Mission Trip to Tainan, Taiwan is this summer! More details to come!

Youth Announcements 2/3/19

Youth Announcements
1. REMINDER! English Service starts at 9:30am! So adjust your clock!

Youth Announcements
2. Youth Life Group will be meeting at 11:15-1:00 after 1st service. We will continue our series in the book of Galatians!

Youth Announcements
3. Youth Winter Retreat is coming soon! Stay tuned for instructions and what to bring!

Updates for 1/27/19

1. NO LIFE GROUP this Sunday!

2. REMINDER – We start new worship service time, February 3rd, 9:30am. YOUTH LIFE GROUP will meet at 11:15-1:00pm!

3. Winter Retreat is February 16-18! We will be at Camp Campbell with Pastor Brian as our guest speaker. Registration deadline is January 27, 2019 for $225

Register here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8FIe1fUqaGh1l802-qTaJMhl3dX3-tYD_AxWBxRgR9K-xuA/viewform?usp=pp_url

Updates for 1/20/19

1. NO Youth Life Group this Sunday!
2. Mentor Lunch this Sunday. Please coordinate with your mentor. 6th graders will start mentor lunch in February 
3. Winter Retreat is February 16-18! We will be at Camp Campbell with Pastor Brian as our guest speaker. Early Registration ($200) ends THIS SUNDAY 1/13, afterwards it will be $225.  Registration deadline is January 27, 2019.Register here:  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe8FIe1fUqaGh1l802-qTaJMhl3dX3-tYD_AxWBxRgR9K-xuA/viewform?usp=pp_url

Updates 11/15

1. Mentor Lunch this Sunday. Please check-out in the Youth Room at 11:30 am. 6th graders, we are in the process of getting more mentors for you, thank you for your patience!

2. Youth Life Group this Sunday, 2-4pm. We are finishing our series on “Identity”. Come join us and learn more about who God has made you to be!

3. Youth Xmas Banquet, Saturday, December 22! More details to come, reserve your time to attend!
4. Youth Winter Retreat, February 16-18 (Saturday – Monday)! This is for both Milpitas and Pleasanton Campus! More details to come