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Joint Statement of the Southern California Chinese Baptist Association and the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada

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Prayers for the victims in the recent shooting

Updated Joint Statement of the Northern California Chinese Baptist Association, 
Southern California Chinese Baptist Association, and the Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada

It is beyond shock and sadness that we hear about 4 mass shootings in the state of California in as many days where 20 people have now died and many injured in Los Angeles, Half Moon Bay, and Oakland. At last report, the perpetrator or perpetrators in the Oakland incident are still at large. Our condolences to the families who have lost loved ones. We live in troubled times indeed and it is troubling to see incidents after incidents of lawlessness in our communities and disgruntled people taking their frustrations on others around them.  The result is the loss of precious lives, lives created in the image of God.  Let us be watchful and as the Lord says, “…seek the welfare of the city… and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” Jeremiah 29:7. Christians have a responsibility to work with all the stakeholders for the improvement of their communities where they live and work.  More importantly, they are to pray to the Lord for His grace and mercy on their behalf.

Let’s unite our hearts together to pray:

• For families who have lost loved ones that they will be comforted• For the wounded that they will have a speedy recovery
• For our first responders that they have the strength and wisdom from above
• For those affected that faith would overcome fear
• For our community that it will know the love and reconciliation of Christ
• For our churches that we will know how to reach out to those who are hurt, be a people of peace, be in constant prayer for the neighborhoods and communities we are living in and be faithful in sharing the eternal hope that can be found only in Jesus.

Rev. Alan Fong, President, Northern California Chinese Baptist Association
Rev. Wilson Tsoi, President, Southern California Chinese Baptist Association
Rev. Howard Li, President, Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada
Rev. Jeremy Sin, Executive Director, Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the US and Canada

(Updated:  January 24, 2023)

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