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A Parent-Leader Guide for the Good Friday Home Worship 2020

A Different Good Friday Service

Because we cannot meet at the church facility this year on Good Friday, I have prepared a family worship program to be used at home.  While designed with families with kids in mind, this program could conceivably be used by individuals, couples, or life groups over online meeting.  They can also be used by two or more families gathering over online meeting. I provide the worship material here “as-is.” You decide if and how to make use of it.

Delivered on a web page, the program is best viewed in full screen (16:9) with a modern web browser running on a PC or a Mac.  You can access the program at:

Good Friday Worship at Home (English)

Good Friday Worship at Home (Chinese)

Theme and Key Points

This worship program brings together praise songs and scriptures to bring out the theme “Christ Alone.”  I selected two passages, Revelation 5:6-14 and Hebrews 9:11-28, to highlight the theme “In Christ Alone.” They are the most essential passages behind several theological ideas surrounding the theme “In Christ Alone”:

  • First, the Cross is necessary for God’s plan of salvation.
  • Second, the Cross is sufficient for God’s plan of salvation.
  • Third, to receive salvation, a person must believe in the first and the second idea.

The remembrance of Cross gives parents or group leaders a unique opportunity to explain these three ideas using the Bible through interactive discussion.  As preparation, read the two passages to find references in support of these three basic theological ideas. And feel free to bring in other passages that help to illustrate these ideas.

If you need exegetical help with the two key passages, make sure you take advantage of the MinistryGrid resource library. Contact me ( if you need help setting it up.

Adjust Your Discussion according to Your Family/Group

For many second-generation Christians who grow up in church, you ask them if they believe that the Cross is necessary and sufficient for God’s plan of salvation, they will probably say yes.  After all, they sing “In Christ Alone” all the time.  But if you ask them why, they might not be able to give you a biblical reason.  This kind of second-hand creedal faith cannot withstand sways.  The Bible is not some research literature that you pay college professors to summarize for you.  God gives you the Bible so that you can read it for yourself and believe it!  If there can only be a few things you can do for your children as a Christian parent, teaching them to read the Bible for themselves is absolutely one!

However, it might well be the case that there are members in your family/group who will say they don’t or no longer believe in these theological ideas.  And if this worship serves only to bring that out, it is a worthy exercise.  If you don’t have a test kit, you don’t know where the problem is and how deep.  Testing where they stand is especially vital if they have been exposed to the liberal thought currents of the American public and higher education system.  Don’t slip their questions under the rug.  Let them explain why they disagree with the idea that in Christ alone is salvation.  Is it because they find it to be unbiblical?  Or is it because they don’t even believe in the Bible?    

Finally, it could also be the case that your family/group is all on one page.  You all understand and accept these theological ideas.  Then, make this an exercise of thanksgiving!  Sometimes, people claim that worship is meaningful only they learn some practical things they can apply to their lives.  I say giving thanks to God is a very practical thing.  In fact, that’s perhaps the most necessary action to take on a Good Friday night!  Other things can wait.  But if the remembrance of the Cross does not move us to thanksgiving, why do we even have Good Friday?

I hope this is a helpful worship exercise for your family/group!