January 22, 2022

Free Grocery Distribution Service at Crosspoint Milpitas

We are partnering with Second Harvest of Silicon Valley to serve free grocery to needy neighbors beginning Saturday, September 4. The food distribution will happen every other Saturday from 9AM to 11AM. Setup will begin at 7AM.


Sign-up will be available soon. Please come back to this page for more details. The following information is preliminary.

Volunteer Requirements:

All volunteers must be 16 or older. Parental consent are required for volunteers volunteers who are under 18.

All volunteers are required to sign the “Level 1” training certification for the Civil Rights checklist below (FDU 113). Please print a copy, sign it, and give to Pastor Gideon Lee.

Volunteers who are involved in food handling are required to watch the following Food Safety Training:

Volunteers who are involved in food handling should complete an online questionnaire by clicking here after watching the food safety training. Optionally, the volunteers may also send an email to nutrition@shfb.org to obtain a digital certificate for completing the training.

Leader program volunteers are required to view the Civil Rights Training. After viewing the training, sign also the “Level 2” training certification on the Civil Rights checklist (see FDU 113 above).

Traffic Logistics

Visit this page.

Promotional Materials

Visit this page.

How to Sign Up

About 50 volunteers are needed every time. Life groups are welcome to come serve as a group, bringing with them families and friends. Please contact Pastor Gideon Lee (glee@crosspointchurchsv.org) to find out about group reservation.

Both individuals and groups can sign up here.

Parking and Restrooms for Volunteers

Volunteers should enter the parking lot via one of the S. Milpitas Blvd entrances. They park at one of the parking spots highlighted yellow in the following map. Volunteers should not use the Gibraltar Ct entrance as clients will be lining up and exiting there. Volunteers who park their vehicles by the Southern side (bottom in the following map) should note that it might be difficult for them to leave before the distribution is done at 11AM.

A side door by the Northeastern side of the building (top-left in the following map) will provide access to restrooms for volunteers.

Got Questions?

Email Pastor Gideon Lee (glee@crosspointchurchsv.org)