Meet our Pastors

Lead Pastoral Team

Rev. Justin Pan 潘智翔牧師

Associate Senior Pastor, Mandarin Lead Pastor (Milpitas), Cantonese Sing-Coup Zone Pastor, Director of Crosspoint Bible Institute

Rev. Jacky Cheng 鄭兆奇牧師

Associate Senior Pastor(Eastern Region), Campus Pastor (Pleasanton, Tracy and Milpitas Cantonese), Zone Pastor and Next Gen Lead (Milpitas)

Rev. Alan Chow 鄒勰麟牧師

Associate Senior Pastor(Interim, Western Region), Campus Pastor (Peninsula)

Campus and Zone Pastors

Cross-Campus Ministries

Rev. Justin Pan 潘智翔牧師

Associate Senior Pastor, Mandarin Lead Pastor (Milpitas), Cantonese Sing-Coup Zone Pastor, Director of Crosspoint Bible Institute

Pastor Dr. Ai-Ling Teng 鄧孫艾苓博士

Director of Family and Children Enrichment, Children's Ministry (Pleasanton) and Mandarin Pastor (Pleasanton and Tracy)


Rev. Dr. Ting Yik Leung

Senior Pastor

Pastor Leung was born in Hong Kong in 1962 and became a Christian after high school.  After baptism in 1980 at Shatin Baptist Church, Hong Kong, he came to the US for college education. He received all his degrees in the US: BA in Special Education(Glenville State, West Virginia, 1983), MEd in Learning Disability and Rehabilitation Counseling(University of Texas, Austin, 1985) , MDiv and DMin(Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, CA, 1988 and 1993).  Pastor Leung returned to Hong Kong in 1988 and served 27 years at his mother church, helping the church to grow from around 100 people to 5000 weekly attendance.  Pastor Leung and family moved back to the Bay Area in 2014.  Pastor Leung’s wife Helen, married in January 1991, grew up in the Bay Area and currently works as an engineer team lead in a Silicon Valley company. The eldest daughter, Zaneta, is a hair stylist while Kay, the younger one, graduated from BIOLA University in Southern California and currently is pursuing her graduate studies at Claremont Graduate University. Reading is a wishful leisure activity for Pastor Leung if he can find some spare time to do so; while gardening, cooking, home improvement and car repairs have become “involuntary” hobbies.


Rev. Dr. Abraham Chiu

Campus Pastor (San Leandro) 

Rev. Abraham Chiu was the founding pastor of Crosspoint Chinese Church of Silicon Valley and was serving as the President of Chinese Baptist Fellowship of USA and Canada. Rev. Chiu for 2 terms. Rev. Chiu also serves as the Director Consultant of CRRS, USA and SAGOS.Rev. Chiu started his first church in 1984 at the South West suburb of Houston, Texas. In January 1990, Rev. Chiu was called to serve as the Senior Pastor of Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose. Rev. Chiu planted his second church, Crosspoint Chinese Church of Silicon Valley in the city of Milpitas in April 2000. The church was constituted as an independent church in January, 2001 and was the first Chinese church in United States to receive a healthy church award from Purpose Driven International in 2004. Crosspoint Church bought its own building at the end of 2007 and moved in to hold its first worship service on June 21, 2009 after renovation. Rev. Chiu launched a church-wide disciple making campaign in Feb., 2010. One year later, over 200 people had been trained as disciple of Christ. In the same year, Rev. Chiu led his pastoral team and some of his church members to start a second campus in tri-valley area sharing the Good News of Christ and ministering to the community. The Church acquired a property for its Pleasanton Campus in 2014 and moved in to worship after the completion of renovation in September 2016. By the grace of God, Rev. Chiu led the Church to start two more campuses in 2019 in the City of Tracy and South San Francisco Peninsula in March and April.

Rev. Chiu was a graduate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with M.Div. & M.A. degrees. He further earned his Ed.M. from Teacher’s College, Columbia University, New York, and was conferred with an Honorary Doctor of Ministry Degree from Truth Baptist Theological Seminary on June 25, 2022.

Rev. Chiu married to Sarah Sau-Har Yip in 1979 and has two grown sons, Daniel and Matthew. Rev. Chiu stepped down as the Senior Pastor of Crosspoint Church on January 1, 2020, passing the baton to Rev. Ting-Yik Leung to continue the development of the Church.

Rev. Jacky Cheng

Associate Senior Pastor(Eastern Region), Campus Pastor (Pleasanton, Tracy and Milpitas Cantonese), Zone Pastor and Next Gen Lead  (Milpitas) 

I grew up in Hong Kong and immigrated to Bay Area with family in 1991. God called me at an evangelistic meeting, and then I was baptized and began walking with Jesus at 1993. By the grace of God I had many opportunities to serve at church through different ministries – fellowship, discipleship and church planting. At Crosspoint, I experienced the joy of serving God and the transformation of Holy Spirit. In 2008, God called me to preach His words to the end of the world and gave me confidence through Christ to God-ward. Then I attended Overseas Theological Seminary to equip myself as a full time minister. In 2011, I served at Crosspoint as Small Group Pastor.

My passions are making disciples, building church and bible teaching. My favorite quote is ‘Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.’

I enjoy cooking food for my wife and two daughters and also traveling with them to explore the world. In my free time, I like biking, running and swimming.

Rev. Justin Pan

Associate Senior Pastor, Mandarin Lead Pastor (Milpitas), Cantonese Sing-Coup Zone Pastor, Director of Crosspoint Bible Institute 

P.J grew up in China and immigrated to Belize, Central America, for high school. He accepted Christ during summer vacation in New York in 1997 and was called to serve the Lord full time in a retreat in 1999. So after high school, he came to the bay area for college and after graduating from William Jessup University in 2004 he started his seminary study in Overseas Theological Seminary. He also studied Marriage and Family Therapist in Western Seminary in 2005. He started to serve as Pastor in Crosspoint Church in 2007.

P.J has many hobbies such as music, movie, film making, basketball, photography, traveling, reading and most importantly he is a foodie! And last but not the least, he loves Coke and Bear!

Rev. Alan Chow

Associate Senior Pastor(Interim, Western Region), Campus Pastor (Peninsula)

Alan was raised up in a Buddhist family; however it was God’s grace that he attended Christian junior high school where he began reading and studying the Bible. Though Alan acknowledged Christ as a Savior during his high school year in Hong Kong, yet he did not accept Christ into his heart until he emigrated into the United States. Under the guidance of a pastor at San Bruno, Alan came to have a deeper understanding that he is sinner because he had rejected God’s righteousness, plans and purpose in his life.

In 2009, while Alan was preparing for Sunday School for the last chapter of the Gospel of John, he was deeply touched by the love of Jesus to feed His lambs. From then on Alan has a strong sense of growing compulsion to preach and to teach the Word, and to minister to the people of God. After receiving the affirmation from some spiritual elders and pastors and most importantly from his wife, Alan enrolled at Christian Witness Theological Seminary in 2014 to prepare himself as a full time church minister. Alan obtained his Master of Divinity in 2016.

Pastor Dr. Ai-ling Teng

Director of Family and Children Enrichment, Children’s Ministry (Pleasanton) and Mandarin Pastor (Pleasanton and Tracy)

Ai-Ling was born and raised in Taiwan, accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior in 1995, baptized at Yung Ho Christian Church on April 23rd, 2000. In the same year, she immigrated to the U.S. to pursue her undergraduate degree in Visual Communication from the University of Oklahoma. After college, she received God’s calling into children’s ministry. While attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, she served as an intern at SWCBC and stepped into a position as the Houston Area Director in KBC overseeing the Bible clubs in public elementary schools. In 2017, she received her Master degree in Art of Christian Education and accepted a position as the Children’s Minister at SWCBC. During the full-time service, she dedicated to transform the children’s program into a life changing ministry through music and arts. She is passionate about leading children and youth to Christ, equipping parents in the light of biblical truth, and inspiring teachers to love children with Christ’s love. On May 5, 2023, she received the Doctor of Education Ministry degree from Southwestern Seminary

Ai-Ling is married to Samuel Teng and have two boys, Johann and Enoch. Her family loves to travel so they can see God’s amazing creation, try different cuisines, and seek opportunities to witness for Christ.

Rev. Anders Chun

Zone Pastor (Eastern Region)

Anders Chun was born in HK and immigrated to the US since 1996. He graduated from UC Davis in 2003 with a bachelor degree in Computer Science. After graduation he spent a few years in China seeking for entrepreneurial opportunities. This was a major transition point of his life when he realized “Everything is meaningless” and he longed to seek for a wisdom to guide him to live a meaningful life. He finally came back to the US, found Jesus to be his savior, committed to give Him his life and baptized in Crosspoint Church August 2014. Soon after baptism he also answered to God’s calling to study at seminary when he turned 34. He studied at Gateway Seminary and graduated in 2019. At the same time he was also prompted to start a church planting project in Tracy in winter 2015. Under the supervision of Crosspoint Church, the Tracy campus is finally planted in March 2019. Anders is currently serving at Tracy Crosspoint Church as a Zone Pastor.

Anders and his wife Zan have a daughter named Aza.

Pastor Caleb Hankin

Student and Youth Zone Pastor(Milpitas)

Caleb Hankin was born in Ivory Coast, Africa at a missionary’s home. He accepted Christ when he was 10 and his faith began to grow through Bible study, church fellowship and Christian service. He was trained as a teacher and has a seminary degree on Biblical Studies. Caleb loves to work with children and young people. On top of his teaching career, he has been serving at Child Evangelism Fellowship as mentor and UW Sports MInistry as coach during summer time.

Rev. Dr. Gideon Lee

Zone Pastor(San Leandro)

Pastor Gideon Lee, born 1970 in Hong Kong, was raised in a Christian family and educated in church-affiliated primary and secondary schools. Gideon was baptized at Hong Kong Baptist Church when he was 16. Because his father Rev. Wai Chi Lee served in the Fellowship of Evangelical Students, Gideon had some exposure with campus ministries growing up. In 1989, his family immigrated to the USA. In 1993, he graduated from MIT majoring in computer science. During his college years, Gideon had the opportunity to witness the gospel among students from China. Out of that experience, he felt called to devote himself in gospel ministry. He also met his future wife, Irene, in a bible study group while in college. After he graduated, Gideon worked professionally as a software developer while attending seminary part-time. He helped start a church on the campus of Northeastern University. After getting married in 1997 and receiving his MDiv from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2000, he continued to serve in the Boston area: pastoring, supporting campus evangelistic ministries, as well as ministering through several denominational and para-church organizations.

Gideon received his Ph.D. in 2021 from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, majoring in worldview and apologetics.  Irene has been working as a software developer since she graduated from MIT. She has served at IBM for many years. At church, she has ministered primarily among children. She has also provided technical support for media and web. Irene and Gideon have two children, Karis and Sofus. All four of them are deeply interested in music.

Pastor Ching Wa Lee

Zone Pastor (Eastern Region), Director of Worship Ministry

Pastor Lee was born and raised in Hong Kong. He was expelled from high school due to his misbehavior, but because of this he also had the chance of knowing and accepting Jesus as his personal Savior. In 1996, he migrated to California with his family. In 2000, he responded to God’s calling to be a full-time minister in the church summer camp. After closing down his business in San Francisco in 2004, he moved back to HK to teach martial arts for young people and students. Meanwhile he also started leading the youth ministry in a local church. In 2018, he was awarded a Bachelor of Theology degree from a bible college and served as a full-time pastor at church. Together with his wife Natalie, they have three daughters: Elisha, Ivana and Tiana.

Pastor Lee also takes the role of a martial arts “Sifu”. He is the second-generation disciple of Master Ip Man. Through teaching Wing Chun and martial arts, he hopes to inspire young people and become their spiritual mentor/life coach. Moreover, as a worship pastor of the church, Pastor Lee has made a commitment to “praise the name of God with a song, And (to) magnify him with thanksgiving.”(Psalms 69:30) Christians must do their best to worship the Lord no matter where they are in the mountains or the valleys. Pastor Lee hopes to share and witness the truths of the Lord through his life as a grateful worshipper.

Pastor Amy Wang

Mandarin Zone Pastor (Milpitas)

Praise the King of Kings. I was baptized at the age 11, and head God’s calling to consecrate myself for the first time at the age of 17. In May 2019, I graduated from M.Div (Master of Mission) at the Christian Witness Theological Seminary of Northern California, majoring in law.

I am very grateful as a high school teacher for 7 years to teach Psychology and counseling that made me simple, lively, and modest heart! The spiritual pastoring of the Deanna couple from Focus on the Family, as well as the cultivation and shepherding of Master Lu Shen, have been committed to marriage and family ministry and campus ministry, willing to be God’s grace and blessing pipeline!

My favorite food is Ma la Tang. I like to travel, drink coffee with people, listen to stories and music, read books, and play ping pong. My husband, Steven, and I have been married since 2004 with two boys, Leo and Lemeul .  If God’s timing is coming, we will go to Japan for missions.

Pastor Zan Situ

Student and Youth Zone Pastor (Eastern Region)

Zan was born in Guangzhou, China, and came to the U.S when she was a sixth-grader.  She spent her late childhood in Oakland, California, before moving to Walnut Creek in her college years.  In 2001, she first joined the U.S Army National Guards for 3 years, then switched to Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (R.O.T.C) and continued to serve for another 4 years. From the training experience, she was shaped to be a good team player and a leader to her battle buddies.  In 2009, She graduated from U.C Berkeley with a B. A degree in Architecture and has been practicing interior design since then.  She attended college fellowships on and off before finally committing to Christ in 2014.  By God’s blessing, Zan and her husband were saved almost at the same time together as a couple and baptized together in August the same year at Crosspoint church. Approximately a year after the baptism, her husband, Pastor Anders, received a clear calling from God to serve him. He received affirmations from the Crosspoint pastors and started attending seminary in 2015. Zan has been supportive of her husband’s study and ministry because she values their calling from God. In 2018, she also started taking seminary classes from Gateway seminary.  She is passionate about making disciples of all nations and all ages.  She finds 1 Corinthians 9:22 to be very encouraging, “ To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.”  Being moved by this teaching, she has been serving the children, youth as well as adults in Crosspoint Pleasanton and Tracy in the past 7 years.    In April 2021, she received God’s calling to serve the youths with a prioritized heart; she loves to share with you about her calling in person. The story is to be continued…

Pastor Sam Yung

Children’s Ministry and Zone Pastor (Milpitas)

Sam was born in Hong Kong and moved to South Bay, California, in the mid-80s. During his youth, he was an eager Church attendee. As a young adult, however, Sam became an outspoken atheist. Then God spoke light into Sam’s life of chaos and void, and everything changed. He experienced life in Silicon Valley before and after the Asian immigration boom. Sam sees himself as a bridge between cultures and communities, and he wants to dedicate his life experience to leading the next generation into knowing king Jesus.

Sam started working for Federal Express the month he turned 18, and then at 30, he said goodbye to the only job he had known and became the oldest student in De Anza College. After attending San Jose State, he dabbled in the technology field. Then, during the housing market crash of 2008, God overhauled his life again for His Kingdom’s purpose, which includes giving Sam a chance to attend Western Seminary. Sam’s favorite things include; eating Mexican food, playing action MMORPGs, watching anime, and playing with his daughter.

Pastor Paul Sin

Zone Pastor and Recovery Ministry (Milpitas) 

Paul Sin was born in 1965 in Macau. Came to Christ with a simple yet deep conviction that God is Omnipresence when he was 8. Immigrated to the US when he was 11. He grew up in a poor family and had to work at an early age. After he started working in a restaurant when he was 13, he stopped going to church and fell far from God.
Paul barely graduated High School in 1983 and entered the Army Reserve. During this time, he continued working in the restaurant business. As he grew up in the restaurant culture, he had developed many bad habits, such as drinking, smoking, and gambling. Paul found himself at the end of the rope in 1992 because of his gambling habit. 
In the fall of 1992, Paul was rescued by God in a series of events that he could only describe as divine intervention. Paul recommitted his life to God and was baptized in 19th Avenue Chinese Baptist Church on Christmas Day in 1992.
During this time, Paul continued to battle with his sins while attending church part-time. Because of his work in the restaurant, he could only attend worship for 30 minutes and left for work, but he did not miss a single Sunday. As God heard Paul’s prayer, he blessed him with a different career path in the medical equipment business. From this blessing, Paul could have weekends off and started to serve in church more.
When Paul’s first son was born, he joined the team in the church to serve the children and youth of the church. During the youth conference he attended with the youth in 2015, God had called him into seminary to be equipped. He had graduated in December of 2021 with a degree of Master of Divinity. His heart is to serve God for the rest of his life.
Paul’s wife, Gloria, is a licensed clinical social worker working for the City and County of San Francisco as a supervisor. She has also been a leader in the church in different capacities. Paul and Gloria have two boys. The eldest son, Caleb, is attending Fuller Theological Seminary working on his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. The younger son, Ethan, just graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics.

Pastor Chloe Sin

Zone Pastor (Pleasanton)

Chloe was born in Hong Kong. She quit school and started working in her teenage years. Years later, she had a chance to continue her study in New Zealand and attain a Bachelor degree. More importantly, she came to know Christ during that time and began to reflect on the meaning of life. Chloe believes that it was indeed a miracle from God that she is healed and transformed from her broken life. After moving to the United States, by God’s grace, she obtained a Master degree from seminary in 2014.

Seeing how people experience God and how their lives are being transformed by God excites Chloe. She loves to praise the glory of God. Through serving people in different ministries, she is blessed with the opportunity to witness a lot of amazing and beautiful works of God.

Chloe married Junie Ngai in 2010, and they have two daughters, Joybee and Joyly. Chloe enjoys spending time with her family. In her free time, she also likes to read and have coffee with friends.