List of Confirmed COVID-19 Cases at Crosspoint after Church Reopening

Since state and local governments announced the complete reopening of the community, the color alert system at all levels has been lifted. So far, masks and social distancing are no longer a mandate, except at large events with thousands of people. However, the reopening of society does not mean that the pandemic is over. Instead, we are faced with learning to coexist with the coronavirus. Under such circumstances, although the church has taken more stringent measures than the government to prevent the spread of virus, it is impossible to completely avoid any infection of the virus inside or outside the church. For the concern of our brothers and sisters, we will publish on this page the anonymous confirmed cases, so that the congregation can know and make a free choice to act accordingly. List of confirmed cases:
Date Confirmed Age Possible Source Campus Gathering Last Gathering Date
7-16-2021 Child School Summer Camp Milpitas Orange Kids 7-11-2021
8-14-2021 Adult At Work Tracy Cantonese worship 8-7-2021
8-14-2021 Adult From family Tracy Cantonese worship 8-7-2021
8-29-2021 Adult Unknown Pleasanton Pleasanton Friday youth event 8-27-2021
9-11-2021 Adult School Tracy Mandarin worship 8-21-2021
9-15-2021 Child School Tracy Children Ministry 8-21-2021

Last update on 10/5/2021 10:55am PST