It's all about connections

Crosspoint is all about connecting people to Jesus. It is our desire to help you grow in a personal relationship with Christ through Christ-centered ministries.

LIFE Groups

Love God and others.
Involve in the Crosspoint community
Focus on God’s Word
Engage the world

LIFE Groups is a place where you connect with others, grow to be more like Christ, and impact the community with the Gospel.


Worship is an intentional time when people of all generations,
from children to adults, come together to worship God.  We believe it is important that the younger generations learn who God is and what worship really is from older generations who
model worship and faith to them.

Our ultimate goal is to learn together on how to care, support,
and encourage one another in life and faith like a big family.

Orange Kids

Crosspoint partners with parents to create a crosspoint between children and God. We desire to see a generation of children come to know God and trust in Jesus at an early age.

Prayer Requests

What can we pray for you?