Crosspoint Bible Institute (CBI)

Current Curriculum

Biblical Courses

The following Biblical Courses are 1 hour per session.

聖言空間 Walk Through the Bible 1 (Code: CBI B01)
A simple survey of OT from Genesis to Song of Solomon. 6 sessions.

聖言空間 Walk Through the Bible 2 (Code: CBI B02)
A simple survey of OT and NT from Isaiah to Revelation. 6 sessions.

十步釋經 Bible Study Methods (Code: CBI B20)
10 Steps of Bible Study. 6 sessions.

創意教學 Creative Teaching (Code: CBI B30)
Learn to teach the bible creatively. 4 sessions.

聖經書卷研讀 Bible book 1 (Code: CBI B40)
Study on a bible book. Number of session varies.

聖經書卷研讀 Bible book 1 (Code: CBI B41)
Study on a bible book. Number of session varies.

Foundation Courses

The following Foundation Courses are 1-1.5 hour per session.

初信班 New Believers Class* (Code: CBI F000)
Consolidation of the newly converted. 4 sessions.

基要信仰班  Basic Christian Beliefs (Code: CBI F100)
Original Class 217. A simplified version of the former 217 class for new believers to understand our doctrines. 6 sessions.

認識匯點 Crosspoint Basics  (Code: CBI F101)
For those who want to know about Crosspoint membership. 3 sessions.

靈命塑造 Spiritual Formation (Code: CBI F201)
Building a holistic spiritual perspective based on the 5 spiritual traditions in Christian history. 6 sessions.

恩賜與事奉 Spiritual Gift Inventory (Code: CBI F301)
Understand one’s spiritual gifts and how to apply in ministry 1 session.

宗教與異端 Religions and Cults (Code: F401)
Know the basic beliefs prominent religions and cultic groups today. 6 sessions.

Elective Courses

Special topic seminars will be offered on non-regular basis. Please click the above button to check the current courses.

*this class is a substitute of Gear-up 1, as determined by the zone pastor.

Those Biblical and Foundation courses above are “core” courses. There will be irregular electives offered under the umbrella of CBI.

For Mandarin and English, we shall consider at a later date once the above system has been established and tested.


Crosspoint Bible Institute(CBI) is a school established to facilitate the Great Commission of making disciples for Jesus Christ.  It is a second phase of an in-church equipping system for church members, aims at bridging new believers from faith consolidation to leadership training.

Distinctive Features of CBI: Crosspoint Bible Institute

  • Christ centered: the goal of CBI is to help members to grow in Christ
  • Church based: students can learn together within the church community in accordance with the Crosspoint values
  • Bible oriented: all courses are taught with strong biblical foundation
  • Discipleship related: CBI cooperates with the church discipleship system to enhance believers’ spiritual growth
  • Systematic: a structured program designed for bridging into the CIOML equipping system, students will have a path of progress
  • Flexible: All courses are offered regularly with online learning and class setting integration. Online teaching will be heavily emphasized in order to make the course open to more students. Students can control his or her own time and pace of learning.
  • Multi-dimensional: besides studying the Bible, there are other courses to equip believers to become disciples of Jesus
  • Connectivity: students of CBI, upon completion of designated courses, can start taking courses at ADVANCE, Gateway Seminary’s local equipping center. All credits can be transferred to Gateway Seminary towards an accredited seminary granted diploma.
  • Chinese Context: CBI will first focus on Cantonese classes with plans to expand to Mandarin and English-speaking Chinese, targeting congregants with similar cultural background.
  • The Objective

CBI seeks to:

  • Build up the whole Body to become spiritually matured and discerning, becoming more and more Christ-like in all aspects, holding to God’s truth and loving as He loves;
  • Collaborate with the discipleship system of the Church in developing true disciples of Christ;
  • Affirm the Lordship of Jesus Christ wherein we not only find our connection with one another but reflect Him and let Him control every aspect of what we do;
  • Cultivate an aspiration of the word of God by teaching books of the bible at different levels;
  • Communicate basic truths each Christian should know facing today’s ever-changing and distorting world views;
  • Provide a foundation for members pursuing the CIOML training to become more matured disciples of Christ and servant-leaders at Crosspoint.

Certificate of Basic Christian Studies Program

With the establishment of CIOML, CBI will offer a Certificate of Basic Christian Studies(CBCS) to those who have completed the required courses. There are two kinds of courses available in the CBI, offered regularly in cycles. A student must complete a total of 12 courses(6 biblical courses and 6 foundation courses) to receive the certificate. Those who have received the CBCS can continue to take bible courses offered or start take courses in the CIOML.

– Biblical Courses: to strengthen one’s biblical knowledge.

– Foundation Courses: to provide basic foundation to empower one to serve in Crosspoint ministries.

General Course Structure

CBI operates on a quarter system (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). All regularly offered courses are not fixed to credit hours but depends on the contents to be delivered, ranging from 1 hour to 6 hours. Courses are designed to be conducted either through online setting, designed to be 1 to 1.5 -hour course, spanning the most 6 weeks.

  • The four quarters are:
    • Fall: October to December
    • Winter: January to March
    • Spring: April to June
    • Summer: July to September
  • Attendance of the online meeting is generally required. Occasional excused absence is accommodated by recordings on the online meeting.
  • All regular courses initially offered will have Cantonese as the instructional language.
  • Written assignments, quizzes, and ministry practices can be completed in Chinese or English.

Admission Requirements

There is basically no requirement of admission. Each person, after his or her first registration of a course under the CBI, would have entered the CBCS system and he/she will receive the CBCS once all required courses are completed and verified.

Course Fee and Tuition

As CBI is an in-house training center for its members or frequent attendees(we name these two groups of people “Crosspointers”) , we do not intend to require tuition at this point. For non-Crosspointers, we may require a nominal fee to cover each course’ administration and speaker fees. As some courses may be taught by outside speakers, fee may vary.

About the director of CBI

Pastor Justin Pan is the Director of GROW ministry at Crosspoint Church.
Please email inquiries about CBI to Pastor Justin Pan (