Who are we?

The Crosspoint Center for Family and Child Enrichment (FACE) is a subsidiary of Crosspoint Church, a nonprofit, community-based organization in Crosspoint’s Pleasanton campus.

Our Mission:

To strengthen the church and family partnership, to enrich family life with God’s love and grace, and to raise a faithful generation through worshiping God, obeying the Scripture, and preaching the Gospel.

We believe:

  • The Bible is the divine guide for harmonious relationships and spiritual maturity in the n family.
  • The Gospel of Jesus Christ leads the family to return to God’s will.
  • Family is a God-established faith center for children. Parental unity, love, and grace reflect God’s glory.
  • The church has the responsibility to equip parents as the primary faith trainers at home, through support, counsel, and prayer.
  • The church-family partnership is crucial for shaping a child’s life.   

We offer the family:

  • Family devotional and worship materials.
  • Family retreats.
  • Family counseling.
  • Kids salvation counseling and Kids DNA.

We offer the Life group:

  • Parenting support group (biblical parenting training).
  • Biblical parenting workshop.

We offer the community:

  • Easter egg hunt.
  • VBS (vacation Bible school).
  • Fall Festival.
  • Kids Sports.
  • Kids Musical.

Center Director

Dr. Ai Ling S. Teng (EdD, SWBTS)