From the Senior Pastor


A few days earlier, a man who had already been shackled was kneeled down and suffocated to death by a police officer, who was not stopped by three other officers on the field. There have been nationwide demonstrations, including rioting, looting, vandalism, and several killings. The officer directly involved has been arrested and charged with manslaughter. But the protests have not subsided and curfews have been imposed in many US cities.

The death of George Floyd reminds me not only of racial tensions in the United States, but also of the protests in Hong Kong over the past few months and the use of force by the police.

Crosspoint church is a community seeking justice, peace and unity. As the senior pastor of the church, I would like to make the following proclamation.

I proclaim that every man is made in God’s image, and that any form of discrimination, no matter what, is abhorrent to Him. Therefore, every life, no matter what color or background, is precious in the eyes of God. I pray that no more people will be hurt or even killed as a result of this incident.

I proclaim that our God is righteous. I ask you to pray for justice for George Floyd. The arrested police officer as well as those killed and injured, must also receive fair treatment and redress from the judicial system.

I proclaim that our God is merciful. I ask you to pray for His comfort in this event and the instability it has caused for people and groups involved.

I proclaim that our God is the Lord of this nation. I hope you will pray for the safety and stability of our country. The pandemic has not subsided and the society is in turmoil. We really need His intervention to stop hatred and hostility as soon as possible so that the whole country can reconcile again.

I proclaim that God is in control of everything in history. I hope you will wait in prayer for His work, whatever and wherever it may be, to hear our prayers and work everything out for those who love Him.

Your pastor,
Ting Y Leung


George Floyd 的死亡不但令我想到美國這國家的種族關係,更令我聯想到香港過去多月發生的抗議活動,和警察使用武力的問題。



我宣告上帝是公義的。我盼望大家祈求祂為George Floyd 彰顯公義。而被捕的和涉事的警員,與被殺害、傷害和蒙受損失者,也必須得到司法系統公平的對待和伸冤。







George Floyd 的死亡不但令我想到美国这国家的种族关系,更令我联想到香港过去多月发生的抗议活动,和警察使用武力的问题。



我宣告上帝是公义的。我盼望大家祈求祂为George Floyd 彰显公义。而被捕的和涉事的警员,与被杀害丶伤害和蒙受损失者,也必须得到司法系统公平的对待和伸冤。





Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash