From the Senior Pastor

Letter to our Crosspointers 9/2/2021

Dear Crosspointers,

Peace be with you.

Since the reopening of the church in May, we have had to make some very challenging decisions to ensure we implement the most appropriate precautions for the safety and well-being of our churchgoers. The Delta variant is spreading rampantly and unvaccinated persons are reported to be more likely to be infected than those who are vaccinated. This corresponds with what we’ve observed across our church campuses, in that, all cases of infected individuals were unvaccinated. In response to this evidence, growing concern among members as well as the well-being of the unvaccinated, I believe it is in the best interest of our church family as a whole to implement additional safeguards to prevent further individuals from getting infected. 

After prayerful consideration and discussion with our ministry team, we have made the following decision.

Beginning Sunday, September 5th, in addition to observance of local health mandates, all attendees, visitors, and guests aged 12 or above, except those with medical exemption, need to have received a COVID vaccine to participate in any in-person events inside our church buildings across campuses . This includes and pertains to all our indoor gatherings within church premises. We urge those who are unvaccinated to stay home and use other means to participate in church events if alternatives are available, such as Zoom or Youtube.

I understand it is a freedom of choice for each individual to decide whether or not to receive the COVID vaccine. Yet, as a church, we have a responsibility to minimize the risk of infection among our congregants and ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. It is an arduous but necessary decision amid the current unprecedented situation.

Please continue to pray for the health of our church family, especially those who are recovering from COVID infection. May the Lord protect us against the virus and remind us to practice good personal hygiene while the church continues our planned sanitization effort before and after our gatherings.

Your Pastor
Ting Y Leung