Welcome to the
Bay Area

What is the new immigrant ministry?

Welcome to the Bay Area!

The majority of Crosspoint’s congregation is from Hong Kong and Guangdong Province, but a small number of our members come from China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and even Mandarin-speaking Chinese around the world, all of whom have been “new immigrants” in the US. Like all new immigrants, we have experienced the adjustment to the Bay Area, such as issues with residency, housing, careers, education, transportation, health care, welfare, language, finance, laws, etc. We are a group of “experienced” immigrants who have been there and done that before. We would like to assist you and your family to adapt to your new environment. Please contact our campus pastors at:

Milpitas: Pastor Gideon glee@crosspointchurchsv.org

San Leandro: Pastor Abraham achiu@crosspointchurchsv.org

Pleasanton and Tracy: Pastor Jacky jcheng@crosspointchurchsv.org

SF Peninsula:Pastor Alan achow@crosspointchurchsv.org

Stockton:Pastor Timothy tchan@crosspointchurchsv.org

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