A Refuge of the Redeemed
June 7, 2020

A Refuge of the Redeemed

Text: Joshua 20
After taking over the land of Canaan, Joshua designated six “Cities of Refuge.” The Cities of Refuge provided asylum for perpetrators of unintentional manslaughter. Divinely appointed and subject to Mosaic Law, the cities offered offenders refuge and protection from retribution of the avenging family. Joshua established these cities for people who needed “refuge” in accordance with God’s commands.

1. Count the Cost – Blood for Blood
Count the Cost. Think of every human being as being image-bearers of God and anything done to devalue them as defacing God's image.
Be slow to pass judgement. We must ask are we without Sin?
Remember that all are worthy of redemption no matter their socio-economic status, race, and or education.

2. Flee & Free - Turn to Truth
Run from sin like your life depended on it.
Free others who do not know the truth.

3. Repent & Redeem - Grace Giveth Grace.
Give up the land in your heart to Jesus. Ask what can I repent of and how?
Cry out to Jesus for the loss, broken, and hurting.

Discussion Questions:
1. What can you do to ensure you don’t undervalue yourself or others?
2. What specific thing is God placing on your heart to give to him?
3. Who do you feel that you should start interceding for?