New Mission
August 23, 2020

New Mission

Preacher: Rev. Matthew Chiu
Passage: 1 Peter 2:9-10
Service Type: Online English

Our Purpose is Tied to Our Identity

1. Chosen Race

2. Royal Priesthood

3. Holy Nation

“Our Occupation is Proclamation”

1. Fully God-Centered

2. Its a Privilege

3. Do It Together

1. Do you struggle with a lack of purpose in your life?
2. Reflect on how you are living your life right now. What are your priorities, where you spend your time, how you speak? What do they say about what you are living for? Your purpose?
3. How does knowing you are chosen, brought into God’s family, a priest, and a holy nation challenge how you are living your life?
4. How are you proclaiming the excellencies of Jesus in your life? How is your life demonstrating worship and evangelism?
5. Why is it important that our purpose is totally God-centered?
6. In what ways are we privileged to share the gospel?
7. How can you do God’s mission together? What will help you?

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