Prayer of Jacob
September 13, 2020

Prayer of Jacob

Preacher: Rev. Matthew Chiu
Passage: Genesis 28:10-22
Service Type: Online English

How Should We Pray?

Attitude and Posture of Prayer

1. With Humility – Looking Down

We are a Work in Progress.

“We don’t climb up to God, God came down to us”

2. With Trust – Looking Up

From “IF” to “SINCE”

3. With Seriousness – Looking Straight




1. What is your current prayer life like?
2. How can we practice humility before going into a time of prayer?
3. Is there anything that you doubt about who God is and what he has done that keeps you from praying to him?
4. What are some of the characteristics of God, what he has done, and his promises that help remind you that you can trust God?
5. Reflect on your general attitude towards prayer. Do you take an attitude of seriousness?
6. Which of the 3 aspects of praying seriously can you focus on this week?
7. Challenge: Try practicing the attitudes and postures of prayer this week during your prayer time.