Standing Strong Against the Wind
May 9, 2021

Standing Strong Against the Wind

Preacher: 梁廷益牧師 Rev. Ting Yik Leung
Service Type: Online English

Introduction: we live in an absurd world.

In this end times, we have to:

1. Pass on(v.1)
2. Hold on(v.2-3)
3. Carry on(4)


a. Love God
b. Learn from Christ
c. Life with Other Christians

Reflection/Discussion Questions
1. Do you think we live in an absurd world? Can you share an example?
2. Which of the 3 instructions Paul gave us in the message have you been able to do regularly or with greater mastery? Which one did you find difficult to do or failed to do?
3. The Bible says, "Cast all your worries on God, because he cares for you." (1 Pet.5:7) But many Christians may consider "trust in God" to be a "choice" rather than a way of life for believers because we are so used to living under our own control. “Trust in Him” is God's command, not a "choice" of believers. Share a recent worry in the hope that the group can pray for it.