Weekly Prayers

7/25 SUN

8/1 Preschool Opening Celebration smooth and meaningful, also ask for more children to be enrolled before school starts on August 9.

8月1 日幼兒院開幕禮求主叫過程順利及具意義,及在 8/9 前有更多小朋友註冊入學。

8月1 日幼儿院开幕礼求主叫过程顺利及具意义,及在 8/9 前有更多小朋友注册入学。

7/26 MON

Pray that God will draw people to our Campus this week who need salvation; enable us to connect each new believer into a discipling relationship and cause them to become fruitful followers of Christ!

祈求上帝在本週吸引需要救恩的新來賓來到我們的分堂; 使我們能夠將每個新信徒建立門徒造就關係,使他們成為滿有果子的基督徒!

祈求上帝在本周吸引需要救恩的新来宾来到我们的分堂; 使我们能够将每个新信徒建立门徒造就关系,使他们成为满有果子的基督徒!

7/27 TUE

Pray for more non-believers joining us through our Super Saturday Program. Please also pray for our baptism on 7/31. Pray that all candidates may glorify God with their testimonies.



7/28 WED

Pray for the newcomers who joined our Cantoness, Mandarin and Youth worship. May God guide them so that they find Crosspoint as their spiritual home.

請為參與我們粵語、國語及青少年崇拜的新朋友禱告。 願神引導他們。願匯點成為他們的屬靈的家。


7/29 THU

Please pray for two new classes in the summer. One is the bible class for Esther and the other one is the daytime bible class on Proverbs. Pray that God will encourage more people to sign up.



7/30 FRI

Praise God for 14 kids accepted Jesus as their Savior for the first time among 122 VBS participants. We are thankful for the 77 volunteers and 4 pastors’ joint effort in the Gospel presentation Days in the three VBS. Pray for the CM leaders and helpers recruitment can be successful for the new school year.



7/31 SAT

Please pray for the reopening of mandarin in person worship, pray that God will provide enough helpers to serve in praise team and media team.