Weekly Prayers

Sun 6/26

Pray for this coming Saturday’s (7/2) Hong Kong Carnival at our Milpitas Campus. May the event be joyfully received, safely implemented and orderly conducted.



Mon 6/27

1. Praise and thank God for a wonderful outreach event. Pray that those new families will return in the near future.
2. Pray for the opportunity to reach people from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Tai Wan and other nations who would show up on 7/2, Hong Kong Day. Pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ will take advantage of this special event to make new friends and invite them to visit our various church campuses.
3. Pray for the preparation of starting a second service in July. Pray that God will work through us to bring many more Mandarin speaking people to our church campus.
4. Pray for the awareness of God’s presence in our life so that we are able to face life challenges and see God’s grace and blessings upon our life.
5. Pray for God’s guidance and direction in developing the English ministry at San Leandro. Pray that He will prepare and raise up leaders for starting the ministry.

1. 赞美并感谢上帝给我們一场精彩的外展活动。 讓我們祈求那些新家庭在不久的将来再來探訪我們。
2. 祈求上帝讓我們有机会接触在 7 月 2 日香港日出现、來自香港、中国大陆、台湾和其他国家的人。求上帝幫助我们在基督里的弟兄姊妹能利用这个特别活动结交新朋友,并邀请他们参观我们在不同地点的教会分堂。
3. 为七月中开始第二堂崇拜的准备工作祷告。 祈求神透过我们带领更多会说华语的人来到我们的教会分堂。
4. 祈求上帝讓我们意識到祂常與我們同在,让我们能够面对生活的挑战,並看到上帝对我们生命的恩典和祝福。
5. 祈求上帝给我們在 San Leandro发展英语事工的指导。 祈求祂預备和兴起更多领袖来开始这事工。

Tue 6/28

Thank the Lord for the successful completion of the Praise Prayer Power, and ask the Lord to let the brothers and sisters continue to burn the fire of revival that the Lord bestows.



Wed 6/29

Thank God for those brothers and sisters who love God and church so much, thank God for their dedicated hearts! May God inspire and strengthen all our life groups, more L.I.F.E

為那些愛神愛教會的弟兄姊妹感謝神,也為他們奉獻的心感謝神!願神啟發和加強我們所有的生命小組,更多的 L.I.F.E

为那些爱神爱教会的弟兄姊妹感谢神,也為他們奉献的心感谢神! 願神啟發和加強我們所有的生命小組,更多的 L.I.F.E

Thu 6/30

English: Pray for the facility setup, sound, security, parking and traffic control arrangement of the Hong Kong Carnival held on 7/2 that God’s spirit and His power be with us and that we can reach out to unchurched people.



Fri 7/1

Provision of volunteers for cleanup and organizing storage facilities.

T Chinese:為教會清理和組織儲存設施提供義工。


Sat 7/2

Praying for the upcoming service schedule (English and Youth) service switch, also the keeping the momentum from VBS Sunday and connecting with more families

為英文部與青少年部聚會時間交換事情禱告, 求神用這個更改成為教會增長的其中一個渠道。

为英文部与青少年部聚会时间交换事情祷告, 求神用这个更改成为教会增长的其中一个渠道。