Weekly Prayers

Sun 05/28

Pray for the operation and growth of the pastoral zones of our life group system. pray that the Lord will strengthen the believers through the groups, build up the church, bring people to the Lord, and make disciples.



Mon 05/29

Heavenly Father, We come before You with grateful hearts, acknowledging You as the Lord and giver of all good things. We lift up our prayers for the summer travelers returning to Asia and their safety in journeying back to their families. Grant them traveling blessings: protect them from harm, and fill their reunions with love and joy. May they bring the Gospel's love and hope to their home places, being a testimony of Your grace. We also pray for the summer programs, asking for Your protection and unity among participants. Guard us against harm and accidents, surrounding us with Your angels. Fill our hearts with love and compassion for one another. May these programs be opportunities to serve our neighbors and share the love of Christ. Use them to bring healing, hope, and Your tangible love to those we encounter. We commit these prayers to Your hands, trusting in Your sovereignty and perfect will. May Your name be glorified in every summer endeavor. In the powerful name of Jesus, we pray. Amen.

親愛的天父, 我們懷著感恩的心來到您的面前,承認您是主宰和 恩典的源頭。 我們為夏季旅行者禱告,特別那些快要回到亞洲 的弟兄姊妹祈禱。求您賜予他們旅行蒙福:保護他們免受傷害,使他們的團聚充滿愛和喜樂。願他們將福音的愛和希望帶回家鄉,成為您恩典的見證。 我們也為 教會暑期的項目祈禱,求您保護並使參與者團結一心。護佑我們免受危害和意外,用您的天使環繞我們。充滿我們的心靈與彼此相愛和憐憫。願這些項目成為 福音的渠道。利用它們來帶希望和你救恩的好消息給我們所遇到的人。 我們將這些祈禱交託在您手中,相信您的主權和完美的旨意。願您的名到榮耀。奉耶穌大能的名禱告。阿門。

亲爱的天父, 我们怀着感恩的心来到您的面前,承认您是主宰和 恩典的源头。 我们为夏季旅行者祷告,特别那些快要回到亚洲 的弟兄姊妹祈祷。求您赐予他们旅行蒙福:保护他们免受伤害,使他们的团聚充满爱和喜乐。愿他们将福音的爱和希望带回家乡,成为您恩典的见证。 我们也为 教会暑期的项目祈祷,求您保护并使参与者团结一心。护佑我们免受危害和意外,用您的天使环绕我们。充满我们的心灵与彼此相爱和怜悯。愿这些项目成为 福音的渠道。利用它们来带希望和你救恩的好消息给我们所遇到的人。 我们将这些祈祷交托在您手中,相信您的主权和完美的旨意。愿您的名到荣耀。奉耶稣大能的名祷告。阿门。

Fri 06/02

For our San Francisco Peninsula Campus, pray that our Campus grows in unity, particularly in faith and understanding, as well as our desires become more and more focused on God's will.

對於我們的舊金山半島分堂,祈求我們的分堂在真道上合一, 尤其是在信心和知識裡長進,我們的渴求也越來越專注於上帝的旨意。

对于我们的旧金山半岛分堂,祈求我们的分堂在真道上合一, 尤其是在信心和知识里长进,我们的渴求也越来越专注于上帝的旨意。