Weekly Prayers

9/25 SUN

Pray for the campaign based on the book of Hosea in October and November,starting on Oct 2, that the Lord uses this to help members repent and revive our church.

9/26 MON

Pray for travel safety, effective networking, unity of vision at the Chinese Baptist Fellowship conference next week.

9/27 TUE

Please pray for our newly formed DNA groups. Pray for the youths to study diligently and be equipped to make more disciples.
請為我們新成立的 DNA 小組禱告。 祈求青年人勤奮學習,得到裝備來製造更多的門徒。
请为我们新成立的 DNA 小组祷告。祈求青年人勤奋学习,得到装备来制造更多的门徒。

9/28 WED

God, may nothing separate me from you today. Teach me to obey your words. Teach me how to choose only your way today so each of my steps will draw me closer to you. Help me walk by the Word and not my own thoughts and feelings.
上帝,求你保守今天沒有什麼能把我和你分開。 讓我聽從你的話語。 教我如何只選擇用你的方式,這樣我一步一步接近你,幫助我所想所做的都是遵行聖經,而不是我自己的想法和感受。

9/29 THU

Pray for the unity of our Campus (San Francisco Peninsula Campus). We ask God to grant us the love and patience in order to bring us all together as a family in Christ.
為我們分堂(舊金山半島分堂)的合一禱告。 我們祈求上帝賜給我們愛心和耐心,讓我們在基督裡建立一個屬靈的家。

9/30 FRI

Please pray that God will use the mission month message to kindle life group’s passion for evangelism.

10/1 SAT

Pray for our Playhouse reopening on 10/18 at our Milpitas Campus. Pray that our in-person reopening will be well prepared and well received by those families with young children.
為10/18在Milpitas的Playhouse重開禱告。 為我們的實體重開禱告,希望我們的預備工作能夠充分,並得到那些有小孩的家庭的歡迎。
为10/18在Milpitas的Playhouse重开祷告。 为我们的实体重开祷告,希望我们的准备工作能够充分,并得到那些有小孩的家庭的欢迎。