Weekly Prayers

Sun 12/5

all our Christmas outreach events especially the Christmas Sing, that more unchurched people may join us and hear about the good news



Mon 12/6

Pray for occasions to strengthen family relationships and friendships during the Christmas – New Year break.



Tue 12/7

Please pray for a qualifying guest speaker for our youth retreat this coming January. Please also pray for our youths to experience Christ during this retreat.


S Chinese:请为我们即将到来的一月青少年退修会祷告。我们迫切需要寻找一位属灵的演讲嘉宾。也请为我们的青年人能在这次退修会中经历基督而祷告。

Wed 12/8

Prayer for the new church planting at San Leandro and the relaunching of the English Ministry at Milpitas. May God use these opportunities for us to reach out to more people.

求主使用現已開展的英文事工和將開展的San Leandro 讓我們能接觸更多人。

求主使用现已开展的英文事工和将开展的San Leandro 让我们能接触更多人。

Thu 12/9

Pray for the Gospel Month of December for the SF Peninsula Campus; we ask our Father to make this month a month of healing and good health.

為舊金山半島分堂十二月的福音月禱告; 我們祈求天父讓這個月成為醫治和康健的月份。

为旧金山半岛分堂十二月的福音月祷告; 我们祈求天父让这个月成为医治和康健的月份。

Fri 12/10

Please pray that God will prepare the right leaders for all the life groups from our couple and single zone.

求神為Couple 和 Single Zone的所有小組預備適合的組長跟同工。

求神为Couple和 Single Zone的所有小组预备适合的组长跟同工。

Sat 12/11

Pray for our JKC Open House on 12/11 (Sat) that we will be able to reach out to new families through this event. Pray for the preparation and logistics of this event as well.

為12月11日(星期六)的JKC開放日禱告,希望我們能夠通過這個活動接觸到新的家庭。 也請為這次活動的准備和後勤工作禱告。

为12月11日(星期六)的JKC开放日祷告,希望我们能够通过这个活动接触到新的家庭。 也请为这次活动的准备和后勤工作祷告。