Weekly Prayers

Sun 02/05

Pray for the families of those killed and injured in the recent multiple shootings in California. Pray for God's comfort, healing and care for their needs.



Mon 02/06

"Let us pray for our church community to have a moment of introspection on their connection with the Lord. We are taking lessons from the Sermon on the Mount, which invites us to examine our souls with the question, "Are you blessed?" May our faith community be filled with those who are humble in spirit, mourn with faith, are meek yet confident, and have a longing for a deeper connection with God."

讓我們為我們的教會社區祈禱,讓他們對自己與主的聯繫有片刻的反省。我們正在從登山寶訓中吸取教訓,它邀請我們用這個問題來審視我們的屬靈生命是否真的 “蒙福了嗎?” 我為我們信徒禱告希望他們的屬靈生命充滿心靈謙卑、從悲痛到喜樂、重溫柔得到承受, 也會變成在信仰中有飢渴模擬的追求態度. 更能與我們親愛的主建立更深層的關係。”

让我们为我们的教会社区祈祷,让他们对自己与主的联系有片刻的反省。我们正在从登山宝训中吸取教训,它邀请我们用这个问题来审视我们的属灵生命是否真的 “蒙福了吗?” 我为我们信徒祷告希望他们的属灵生命充满心灵谦卑、从悲痛到喜乐、重温柔得到承受, 也会变成在信仰中有饥渴模拟的追求态度. 更能与我们亲爱的主建立更深层的关系。 ”

Tue 02/07

Pray for the new welcome Sunday Brunch. May God use this ministry to help Brothers and sisters to welcome new visitors into our Crosspoint family.

為週日歡迎 Brunch 事工禱告。願神使用這項事工,幫助弟兄姐妹歡迎新的訪客加入我們的Crosspoint大家庭。

为周日欢迎 Brunch 事工祷告。愿神使用这项事工,帮助弟兄姐妹欢迎新的访客加入我们的Crosspoint大家庭。

Wed 02/08

Pray for San Leandro's GO Ministry, our outreach ministry as they will continue to make plan for reaching young people on our church campus. Pray that God will provide workers and other resources along with creative ideas.

爲San Leandro的外展事工禱告。他們將繼續制定計劃來接觸我們教會分堂附近的年輕人。 祈求上帝提供工人,其他資源以及創意。

为San Leandro的外展事工祷告。他们将继续制定计划来接触我们教会分堂附近的年轻人。 祈求上帝提供工人,其他资源以及创意。

Thu 02/09

Pray for a spiritual revival of our church that many more brothers and sisters in Christ would have the desire to walk with God every day.



Fri 02/10

We pray and seek the counsel of Christ Jesus as we proceed with the searching of a new venue for the San Francisco Peninsula Campus; we pray that this new venue will provide a spiritual home for our Campus's Family and the families in the community.

为旧金山半岛分堂寻找新地点的过程中,让我们祈求并寻求基督耶稣的智慧; 我们祈求这个新场地能为我们分堂的家庭和社区的家庭提供一个属灵的家。

為舊金山半島分堂尋找新地點的過程中,讓我們祈求並尋求基督耶穌的智慧; 我們祈求這個新場地能為我們分堂的家庭和社區的家庭提供一個屬靈的家。

Sat 02/11

Please pray that we will find reputable contractors for various church projects, that they provide quality service at a fair price with the least interruptions. Please also pray for the health and safety for the crews when they are on campus.