Weekly Prayers

9/26 Sun

Facing a difficult financial projection of 2022, may the Lord give us wisdom on how to make a feasible and functional budget for next year.



9/27 Mon

Please Pray for our upcoming new classes in Oct, pray that God will encourage more crosspointers to join.



9/28 Tue

9/29 Wed

Thanks God for Your presence in all the life group gatherings, no matter we meet virtually or in person, You’re with us. We pray that You continue to use our life groups to reach out the not-yet Christians in our circles, we would love life groups to be the place to show Your glory!

感謝神在所有生命小組聚會中的同在,無論我們是通過網絡還是實體聚會,袮都與我們同在。 求袮繼續使用我們的生命小組, 接觸我們圈子中尚未成為基督徒的朋友或家人,願生命小組是彰顯袮榮耀的地方!

感谢神在所有生命小组聚会中的同在,无论我们是通过网络还是实体聚会,袮都与我们同在。求袮继续使用我们的生命小组, 接触我们圈子中尚未成为基督徒的朋友或家人,愿生命小组是彰显袮荣耀的地方!

9/30 Thu

Praise God that we are entering the last quarter of 2021 safe and sound. Pray for the 2022 ministry server nomination and budgeting process that we know where we should put our focus.



10/1 Fri

Please pray for wisdom and discernment for our life group leaders as they navigate various meeting options and logistics. Pray that the joy of the Lord be our strength as we gather in fellowship.



10/2 Sat

Pray for our brothers and sisters to more deeply know the love of Christ and for us to be a witness in our community.