Missions Month Sermon 3
二月 28, 2021

Missions Month Sermon 3

Preacher: 李業基牧師 Rev. Gideon Lee
Passage: John 17:13-21
Service Type: 网上英语

RU Going or RU Sent?

Dr. Mike Stewart

Are you going or are you sent?

Imagine: No Jesus, no peace, no hope!

Five Unreached People Groups in the Bay Area

  • Afghans: Fremont holds the largest Afghan population in the US; 99% Muslim population; made up of many ethnic and tribal
  • people groups
  • Hindus: 42,000+ Hindi speakers in Santa Clara County; Hinduism encompasses a variety of multi-god beliefs and practices; many in tech fields and speak English
  • Sikhs: Est. 30,000 in Bay Area; most turban-wearing men in CA are Sikhs and often mistaken for Muslim; they worship in gurdwaras, which always include a free community kitchen
  • called a langar
  • Uyghur Muslims: from Xinjiang, a province in China; their language, culture and religion are being systematically abolished by the Chinese government; unknown number in US, most live in fear and keep a low profile
  • Nepalese: 22,000+ in Bay Area; 81% Hindu, 9% Buddhist, 4% Muslim; many come to the US to flee civil war and recent devastating earthquakes in Nepal (3.5 million made homeless)

Who is Christ Sending?

  • All persons whoever believe across all of time
  • Jesus is praying for each believer
  • No professional and amateur ranks in the church
  • Core function of church leadership is to equip others. “Their responsibility is to equip God’s people to do His work.” (Eph. 4:12)
  • Christ prays for us to know our life purpose

What empowers us to be sent? 7 Providential gifts

  • The Joy of Jesus v. 13 Romans 5:2
  • The Word of God v.14
  • Protection from the evil one v. 15
  • New passport that crosses all borders v. 16
  • Spiritual growth via biblical teaching v. 17
  • Christ’s Commission v. 18
  • Christ’s Holy Sacrifice v. 19

What is the Result of Being Sent?

  • Unity of purpose
  • Unity of heart and passion
  • That the World might believe
  • God is still working this plan
  • Surrender control of where you are going and rejoice in where God will send you!

Future GCA Ministry Teams

  • UPG Leader Team
  • Support Team
  • Prayer Team
  • Ministry Team